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What makes The Empire Water Power Tower unique from other filtration systems?

There is no other product in the world that combines the functionality and features that The Empire Water Power Tower has. Its unique arrangement of electronics and plumbing make it the first of its kind in terms of portability, functionality and practicality. Our filtration system has been specially calibrated to flow the correct amount of water at a time through the system in order to ensure that the water is clear for consumption.

Does The Empire Water Power Tower carry any guarantee?

Yes. There is a 5 year guarantee on functionality of the system provided it has been used in accordance with the instructions set out in the user manual. Should you find that the unit is damaged of defective, You need to bring it to our manufacturing plant so that we may assess the damage. If it is a factory default, you will be replaced with a brand new one. If it is a fault of your own, We will have to quote you for the repair

What are the Solar Panels For?

The Empire Water Power Tower relies on Solar Power to charge the batteries which in turn powers up the system. It is imperative that you let the system charge during the day in order to maintain the system and ensure that all the functions are working.

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